Information for Authors

Scheduling a Book Event at Bookworks
Bookworks is well-known in the book world for the high-quality, successful events the store hosts. We receive a large number of requests for book events, more than our calendar could ever accommodate. We curate our event calendar as carefully as we curate our book selection, and that means we cannot do events for books we don’t feel are a good fit for the interests of our customers, or are unlikely to sell enough copies to make the event worthwhile for both the store and the author.
Although we carry many different genres of books, and hold events for all different kinds of books, the store’s general specialty is new non-fiction. We have found, over many years of holding events, the following types of books do best for the author and the store when it comes to events:
* Regional nonfiction (including New Mexico or regional Southwestern history, biography, nature, geology, ecology, culture and politics)
* Regional art and photography
* Native American-interest fiction and nonfiction
* Hispanic/Latino-interest fiction and nonfiction
In general, we receive far more requests regarding books of these types than we can fulfill:
* Personal memoir
* Self-published poetry
* Fiction, especially self-published regional fiction
* Religious or metaphysical
If you would like to explore the possibility of having an event for your book at Bookworks, please send the following information to
*Your name
* Contact information (e-mail address and phone number)
*Where you live
* Information about your book, including the title, publication date, publication information (i.e., is the book self-published or do you have a publisher, etc.), the ISBN number, and a link to a website with information about your book (not Amazon or Barnes & Noble, please)
* What you will do on your own to promote your book event (email friends, create a Facebook fan page for your book, take out an ad you pay for, etc.)
* When you would be available to do an event at the store (please note, we need at least two months notice to appropriately plan and market an event). Our marketing staff will review your proposal and get back to you with either a proposed event date, or information about purchasing a consignment package that includes a “sit and sign” book event.
If the store declines to do an event for your book, please understand that we are basing that decision on many years of event experience at the store, and very comprehensive knowledge about which book events will draw audiences (and paying customers!) to the store. If your book sells well on consignment (8-10 copies in six months or so), you can re-approach the marketing staff with this information.
We hope that this information can help guide your decision to approach the store about your book, and also to help you understand how we make decisions about which books to carry, and which events to have at our store. We truly appreciate your interest in our store, and thank you for your support.
Selling your book at Bookworks
Thank you for your interest in Bookworks! With the recent advent and popularity of self-publishing resources, print-on-demand technology, and digital printing, the number of authors self-publishing their books (or working with small and hybrid publishers) has exploded in recent years.
As a local, independent, community bookstore, Bookworks is proud of the support the store has offered to local authors over the 27 years the store has been in business. However, because we receive far more requests for events, and for book placement on our shelves, than we can accommodate, we have developed policies for self-published and local and small-press authors seeking to work with Bookworks.
Bookworks is a small, intimate store that prides itself on a well-curated selection of merchandise. We cannot carry all the books we are asked to carry, or even would like to carry – that goes for large, national book publishers as well as local authors.
When we carry self-published books or books from hybrid or very small presses, we do so on a consignment basis only. If your book is only available “print-on-demand” or nonreturnable delivery from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, iUniverse or Exlibris, we cannot purchase your books outright to sell in the store. We also cannot purchase books from publishers that do not offer discounted ordering, unrestricted returns, or favorable shipping and payment terms.
You may contact our consignment coordinator at to see if we are accepting consignment books at the moment, get information about the terms of consignment, and receive a consignment agreement. You will be responsible for bringing in the agreed-upon number of copies to the store along with a signed copy of your consignment agreement. (The terms of the consignment agreement are non-negotiable.)
ALL books consigned at Bookworks need to be professionally edited, designed,and bound and must have an ISBN number and a barcode printed on the cover. The book must also be priced comparably with other books in its category, i.e., no paperback fiction priced at $40. Bookworks reserves the right to reject any proposed consignment that does not meet quality standards, is priced too high for our clientele, or does not contain appropriate information to allow it to be entered into our sales database.
We strongly encourage self-published authors to have their book professionally reviewed by an editor before it’s printed, and to have a professional graphic artist design the cover artwork, as that makes the book much more sellable. We also encourage all self-published authors to research prices in the same category and book type as their book, to establish an appropriate price point for the book.
Bookworks employees will sometimes read review copies of a book, but dropping a review copy of the book off at the store is no guarantee that the book will be read by a store employee (or if it is, that their review will be positive!). We do retain review copies for author pickup for a few months, but ask you call at least 48 hours in advance if you would like to pick up a review copy you dropped off with the store. After six months, all unretrieved review copies are donated to charity.

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