Used Books

Bookworks buys gently used books from customers, in exchange for store credit, every Monday from 1-5 pm or by appointment.

Buyers are looking for like-new used books, especially hardcover new fiction and nonfiction and classic and best-selling literature for adults and books for children and teens. Books should have no markings, stickers, odors, water damage, or other damages. Buying will be at the discretion of the Bookworks used book buyer.

School Reading Program

Bookworks provides a full-service school reading program for local schools, for school year or summer required reading. We provide books students need via a customized ordering web page for your school, for easy ordering and delivery.

The process is simple. You send us a spreadsheet or list of your required titles, with author, title, and ISBN for every teacher and grade at your school, and we create a customized online ordering page on our website.

Our online ordering system is beneficial in a number of ways:

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