William White, Reaching for the Stars, and Jerry Robinson, Third Eye

Two ABQ Press authors--William White & Jerry Robinson-- present new work.

About William White's Reaching for the Stars:

Adventurer Carl Webb and his good friend Jack Morgan discover a UFO within a mountain range in New Mexico. They quickly discover that the language used by the beings who built the UFO is ancient Greek.

With help from former college professors, Carl is able to decode the language and access the ship's computers. Its systems and technology is now available to them, and soon there's a working knowledge of how to fly the craft and use its weapons.

But in Reaching for the Stars, the men are challenged by a group of intelligent reptilian aliens who have been watching Earth for over forty thousand years, and now want to control the planet's destiny.

About William White:

William White has been searching for treasure and precious metals for over thirty years - first as a family recreational activity, and later full-time as life permitted. He has travelled to many remote places and has seen amazing things made possible only through treasure hunting. Whether you search with a simple metal detector or use more sophisticated equipment, you will experience the same thrill of the hunt that makes it worthwhile.

The planning and the activity itself are as much fun as finding something. The treasure trove could be diamonds in California or placer gold in New Mexico; as long as it has value, one can be assured that William White will soon be on the trail searching for it. The only thing he enjoys as much as searching for treasure is writing about his experiences.

About Third Eye:

In a tiny, isolated village nestled in the mountains of northern New Mexico, the lives of four desperate people are changed forever by the arrival of an otherworldly stranger who seems to know the most intimate details of their lives, exhibits a keen insight into their suffering, and manifests a vested interest in their spiritual well-being:

The author, a first-time story teller, has penned a tale that challenges the reader's imagination, blending elements of the spiritual, mystical and philosophical into a narrative that explores the metaphysical possibilities of our world.

About Jerry Robinson:

Jerry Robinson, who lives in New Mexico, has also crafted a truly authentic New Mexico story, weaving through this compelling tale themes that touch on the rich history and culture of the Spanish descendants of New Mexico; explore the importance of culture in people's lives, but also show how cultural exclusivity can sometimes be used as a tool of discrimination; and examines the often-blurred line between culture and religion, and how the two can occasionally come into conflict.


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Reaching for the Stars (Carl Webb and Jack Morgan #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781641365109
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: ABQ Press - October 12th, 2017

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ISBN: 9781641367134
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Published: ABQ Press - November 27th, 2017