The Education of the Heart: Readings and Sources from Care of the Soul, Soul Mates (Paperback)

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With their themes of restoring the soul, cultivating humanity and living a more harmonious and spiritual existence, Thomas Moore's classic books Care of the Soul and Soul Mates have touched and comforted millions of people across the country. The Education of the Heart gives readers access to the wellspring of wisdom that Moore drew on when creating these seminal works. 

Ideal for reading groups, the book includes a study guide that offers suggestions for discussion. Selected not only for their brilliance in describing the soul, but for the beauty and power of their language, the essays, poems, songs and passages included here make the book a truly rewarding reading experience. 

Arranged into chapters devoted to topics such as marriage and intimacy, common life, dwelling and home and life passages, these selections are taken from a rich variety of sources: from Greek tragedies and ancient magical texts; from the Renaissance philosophers such as Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola; and from modern archetypal psychologists such as C. G. Jung and James Hillman.

As Thomas Moore says in his introduction, "Meditate on the book, read the passages aloud, write them down for future reference, tell them to friends, commit them to memory; These are all ways of educating the heart."

About the Author

Thomas Moore is the author of the bestselling Care of the Soul and twenty other books on spirituality and depth psychology that have been translated into thirty languages. He has been practicing depth psychotherapy for thirty-five years. He lectures and gives workshops in several countries on depth spirituality, soulful medicine, and psychotherapy. He has been a monk and a university professor, and is a consultant for organizations and spiritual leaders. He has often been on television and radio, most recently on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday.

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