Light Filters In: Poems (Hardcover)

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In the vein of poetry collections like Milk and Honey and Adultolescence, this compilation of short, powerful poems from teen Instagram sensation @poeticpoison perfectly captures the human experience. 

In Light Filters In, Caroline Kaufman—known as @poeticpoison—does what she does best: reflects our own experiences back at us and makes us feel less alone, one exquisite and insightful piece at a time. She writes about giving up too much of yourself to someone else, not fitting in, endlessly Googling “how to be happy,” and ultimately figuring out who you are.

This hardcover collection features completely new material plus some fan favorites from Caroline's account. Filled with haunting, spare pieces of original art, Light Filters In will thrill existing fans and newcomers alike.

it’s okay if some things

are always out of reach.

if you could carry all the stars

in the palm of your hand,

they wouldn’t be

half as breathtaking

Praise For…

“A young poet dips into the ink of her experience and writes her own light into existence.”

“Caroline’s words are an honest, lyrical kick in the teeth.”

“Debut author Kaufman’s voice is authentic, and her experiences, feelings, and journey toward healing are convincing. This book could be a lifeline for survivors and provide insight for others.”

“Her warmly conversational tone suggests assurance and solidarity with readers that she sees as allies in brave combat against overwhelming darkness.”
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ISBN: 9780062844682
ISBN-10: 0062844687
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 5th, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English