Exploring Religious Meaning (Paperback)

Exploring Religious Meaning Cover Image
By Robert C. Monk, Walter Hofheinz (Joint Author), Joseph Stamey (Joint Author)
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This book provides readers with the tools and resources for exploring the many dimensions of religion as a central reality of human life. It provides a functional definition of religion that suggests that religion is important to everyone because each person's life is shaped by, and all persons are concerned about, occasions in their lives that threaten or promote fulfillment of the individual's basic values and commitments. Chapter coverage includes the six major world religions as they relate to: traditions, artistic expression, ways of conceiving the divine, the problem of evil, understanding the self, sin and guilt, death and the self, salvation and redemption, interpersonal relations, corporate expressions of ethical concerns, social stability and social change, human response to the natural process, and order and origins. For anyone interested in the formal study of religion.

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ISBN: 9780130923868
ISBN-10: 0130923869
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: May 28th, 2002
Pages: 344
Language: English