The History of Pangrati Kalavryta, Peloponnese, Greece: Παγκράτι Καλάβρυ&#9 (Paperback)

The History of Pangrati Kalavryta, Peloponnese, Greece: Παγκράτι Καλάβρυ	 By Theodore P. Georgas Cover Image

The History of Pangrati Kalavryta, Peloponnese, Greece: Παγκράτι Καλάβρυ&#9 (Paperback)


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The History of Pangrati Kalavryta, Greece gives a historical account of the resilient village of Pangrati and the surrounding Kalavryta region in southern Greece. The story starts by describing ancient times and progresses to the most horrific event in the history of the region, which was the holocaust committed in the city of Kalavryta in 1943, where the German occupation forces executed all of the male population and burned down the city

Living in the village was very difficult as it was in most of Europe during the great wars. People were unemployed and starving to death. The inhabitants had to endure several invasions by numerous countries. The foreign rulers did not share the Greek culture, language or religion which the Pangratians held onto with impressive commitment. The Greeks learned to survive throughout every obstacle thrown at them.

The History of Pangrati tells the stories of heroism by the leaders of the Kalavryta community. The local priests were tortured by the Germans, but they stood fast and gave nothing to their executioners. Their suffering and dedication to their faith and community is depicted with much deserved respect.

Also described is the Battle of Pangrati in which the poor Greek farmers rose up to take on the invaders who were stealing all their money, food, equipment and livestock. The Germans responded to the Greeks by killing them with no thought of trials first in order to see who was innocent. Their orders were to kill 100 Greeks for every German soldier that was harmed.

The History of Pangrati also tells about the unique customs in the village such as Christmas celebrations, the cake and the coin, the evil eye and the screaming village. The book shows how the Greek Orthodox religion is so important to the residents that they followed these customs throughout their lives.

If you want to hear some of the amazing stories that happened in this part of the world and the profound effect that these peasant Greeks had on the entire world, then this is the book for you.

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Publication Date: December 20th, 2019
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