Anglo-Indian Food and Customs: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Paperback)

Anglo-Indian Food and Customs: Tenth Anniversary Edition By Patricia Brown Cover Image

Anglo-Indian Food and Customs: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Paperback)


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Patricia Brown creates a richly layered memoir comprised of anecdotes illuminating her childhood in India, and she has complimented her platter of recollections with nearly two hundred mouth-watering recipes and illustrations. The tenth anniversary edition of Anglo-Indian Food and Customs captures the spirit and food of a culture unlike any other in the world.

In this expanded version, Brown includes a comprehensive history that describes the true identity and evolution of the Anglo Indian as well as greater details about Anglo-Indian cuisine. As with many other cultures, the Anglo Indians' assimilation into society took place through the kitchen, and this is reflected in the delectable recipes created with a unique infusion of herbs and spices mirrored in dishes like Country Captain and pork fry. Original fusion, Anglo-Indian food is enjoyed extensively in Great Britain, where many notable hotels and restaurants carry it on their menus.

For those who enjoy good food and share a curiosity of the ways of different cultures, Brown takes you on a journey to discover unique tastes. With the mixture of Indian spices, one can make bland roasts, stews, and pies evolve into distinctive, wonderful meals. So fall in love with Anglo-Indian people and their remarkably distinctive cuisine.

Product Details ISBN: 9780595474318
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Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: March 28th, 2008
Pages: 512
Language: English