A Gift of Sunshine (Hardcover)

A Gift of Sunshine By Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum Cover Image
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An innocent child requires love, understanding, nurturing, guidance, acceptance and care. Nia received them all even after being born of a drug addicted mother and having four siblings residing with her. It was her Great Grandmother, Mama Francine, who made sure that Nia received all that was essential in her first nine years of life while living in Tallahassee Florida. After the death of her loving Mama Francine, Nia and her brother, Jerome, would be split from their siblings and sent to live with an aunt and uncle they barely knew. It was there in the confines of her aunt Lovell and uncle Whit's home where those words of care, love and acceptance turned into torment and cruelty. The worst crime of all was the abuse that both Nia and Jerome would suffer, all the while holding it inside. Follow Nia in her journey through self doubt and shame, until one day where those clouds that followed her would be turned into A Gift of Sunshine, that in time, she would offer to another. A Gift of Sunshine is a story that is true, in a sense that it deals with facts that undoubtedly take place in our society today. It is a story that reveals hope at a time where there was none. It is a story that conquers doubt and shame and uplifts those in despair. It is story that in fact will instruct YOU to look into your own heart and realize it's your responsibly as well to present A Gift of Sunshine to one more.
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ISBN: 9780615316291
ISBN-10: 0615316298
Publisher: Hhc Publications LLC
Publication Date: September 1st, 2009
Pages: 130
Language: English