Diamonds in the Sky: Decodable Sound Phonics Reader for Long I Word Families (Paperback)

Diamonds in the Sky: Decodable Sound Phonics Reader for Long I Word Families By Karen Sandelin, Lavinia Letheby Cover Image
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Learn to spell naturally with stories This engaging phonics story brings spelling to life and is full of Long I sound words, providing authentic context to make sense of phonics. Read about how Tyson Pirate helps to save a kite, and enjoy learning to spell 11 ways to spell the Long I sound at the same time

The story includes 92 Long I words plus spelling and story based learning activities, word list and spelling groups, tricky words, reading comprehension, homophones, homonyms and homographs and a grapheme chart. The Long I sound letters are printed in green making it easy to 'sound out' words.

Clever Speller's unique story based learning approach to spelling helps students aged 4-10 to develop phonemic awareness, learn all the ways to spell sounds in words and improve grammar.

Easily Learn to Spell with Clever Speller Phonics Stories

Stage 1: Develop Phonemic Awareness, the ability to hear sounds in words. Listening to phonics stories full of words with a focus sound makes developing this skill easy and natural.

Stage 2: Learn all the Ways to Spell Sounds in Words with phonics stories full of words showing the different ways to spell a focus sound.

Stage 3: Perfecting Grammar, story based activities make learning to clearly communicate meaningful and connected

Clever Speller Phonics Stories Make Phonics Easy

  • Read the phonics story 'Diamonds in the Sky' and listen for words with a Long I sound
  • Break words into sounds, eg p-ie. This is often called 'sounding out'
  • Spell the Long I sound words by saying each individual sound of the word and then the whole word, eg p-ie, pie
  • Learn all the ways to spell the Long I sound in words

Helping Students to Enjoy Learning to Spell

For students with Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties:

  • spelling is confusing and doesn't make sense
  • words seem to run together
  • reading is hard work and not fun

This is because of difficulties with:

  • hearing sounds in words
  • learning letter sound associations
  • blending sounds together
  • identifying beginning, middle and end sounds in words
  • learning tricky sight words
  • reading fluency
  • retrieving words from vocabulary

How Clever Speller helps:

  • phonics stories are full of words with a focus sound
  • all the ways to spell the focus sound are in one place
  • stories provide the context for phonics to make sense
  • easy to follow word family patterns
  • focus sound words are grouped in lists from simple to complex
  • tricky sight words are grouped into a focus sound
  • rhyming stories help with predicting and memory
  • recalling spelling is much easier from a story than from a spelling list

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ISBN: 9780648310266
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Publisher: Clever Speller Pty Ltd
Publication Date: March 7th, 2019
Pages: 38
Language: English