Teancum: an illustrated screenplay (Paperback)

Teancum: an illustrated screenplay By Mark Parker, Mark Parker (Illustrator) Cover Image

Teancum: an illustrated screenplay (Paperback)

By Mark Parker, Mark Parker (Illustrator)


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In the early 21st century as much of the world looks on in awe, a scientific miracle called LiDAR reveals amazing images showing the extent of a vast ancient civilization. A civilization easily the equal of ancient Greece or Rome.

In the Maya Lowlands of Central America ancient buildings cover the whole face of the land, the great cities, the highways and massive fortifications preserved and hidden under tropical rain forests.

What of their great heroes, and their despicable villains, the mighty kings, the intrigues and treachery, their wars and their gods?

Is it not time for their history to be told?

Does not the world's most controversial and fascinating sacred record bring us their history? Is this not the civilization described for us in minute detail nearly 200 years ago within the pages of the remarkable Book of Mormon?

Across the Central Lowlands in the year 92BC a fledgling democracy was established, within 18 years the freedoms secured were under dire threat. Kings and would be kings amassed armies. Armed conflict and valiant men would determine the outcome.

The war chapters had begun.

This is the story of one of the Book of Mormon's greatest warriors.

Product Details ISBN: 9780648347613
ISBN-10: 0648347613
Publisher: Mark Parker
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English