Trigger Warning (Paperback)

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For decades, the coffee houses, darkly shadowed bar stools, inner city apartments, and subway stations have sounded the echo of this phrase - poetry saved my life. Poets worldwide have uttered these words to one another like a scared truth, a shared secret. Not all of them certainly, but enough. Enough to make this little tome more than a mere collection of voices, but a vital, celebratory reminder that poetry still opens the door for those whose screams are strangled by pillows. Here are the sounds of pleasure heralded against shoulders, the uplifted voices and stark tremolos of those who have survived the turmoil and trembling because they found something so deceptively simple - so heart-wrenchingly real.

About the Author

Akusua Akoto Mary Jo Balistreri Shaindel Beers Sheila Bender John Blake Laurel Ann Bogen Joseph Bottone Rebecca Chamaa Sharon Charde Sarah Chaves SuzAnne C. Cole Gail Denham Kimberly D. Dixon-Mays Stevie Edwards Matt Forrest Karen Garrabrant Maria Mazziotti Gillan Jason Huff Donna Kennedy Zachary Kluckman Gayle Lauradunn Maria Leyba Ellaraine Lockie Jessica Helen Lopez Christina Lovin Christopher Luna John C. Mannone Sian Matsk Grace Mattern Melissa May-Dunn Ryk McIntyre Jeanetta Calhoun Mish Diana Raab Barbara Rockman Ruth Sajonje Lee Schwartz Katherine Seluja Martha Silano Carol Smallwood Patricia Smith Aline Soules Elizabeth Thomas Jonathon Travelstead Sonia Usatch-Kuhn Megan Young Ruth Wilson Thelma Zirklebach
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ISBN: 9780692261958
ISBN-10: 0692261958
Publisher: Swimming with Elephants Publications
Publication Date: August 18th, 2014
Pages: 158
Language: English