Great Sanskrit Plays in Modern Translation (Paperback)

Great Sanskrit Plays in Modern Translation By P. Lal (Editor) Cover Image

Great Sanskrit Plays in Modern Translation (Paperback)

By P. Lal (Editor)


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Professor Lal has provided an introduction on the history and aesthetic theory of Sanskrit drama, individual prefaces for each play, a phonetic guide to the pronunciation of the Indian names, and a selective bibliography.

The wonderful world of classical Indian drama has been obscured for most readers by the stilted style of the existing 19th-century translations. Here, an Indian Sanskrit scholar, P. Lal, who is also a fine poet in his own right, has produced new versions in modern idiom which brings across the full richness and vitality of the originals. And these "transcreations" are so presented that they will "play" on our stage today. The volume contains: Shakuntala by Kalidasa, The Toy Cart by King Shudraka, The Signet Ring of Rakshasa by Vishakadatta, The Dream of Vasavadatta by Bhasa, The Later Story of Rama by Bhavabhuti, and Ratnavali by Harsha.
P. Lal was a poet and Sanskrit scholar who helped bring ancient Sanskrit plays to a modern audience.
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Professor Lal’s business was publishing Indian writers in English. Of the great old works he made masterly translations; new writers he encouraged. When he began, ten years after independence, the practice was controversial.
— The Economist