Towards Wholeness: Translations and Commentaries (Paperback)

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The Venerable Myokyo-ni wrote several books that describe Zen practice in an accessible and clear-minded way. She stressed that Zen was part of Buddhism, as all schools were true to the same core principles: "Many schools; one way." Before her travels to Japan, she had undergone Jungian analysis, and spoke of Buddhist practice as a way of transforming the psyche and bending the heart towards compassion and wholeness. Towards Wholeness collects nineteen essays by Venerable Myokyo-ni which explore her thoughts on Zen Buddhism and its place in daily life. It includes her well-known analysis of the Bull-Herding Series, as well as pieces on Jung, meditation, Zen practice and study. Essays such as The Quest for Wholeness, The Need for Transformation and Going Beyond provide further examples of Myokyo-ni's incisive and insightful thinking, always rigorous but often deeply compassionate.

About the Author

The Venerable Myokyo-ni (1921-2007) whose name means 'mirror of the subtle nun', was born Irmgard Schloegl in Leitersdorf, Austria. She came to England in 1950, where she lectured in mineralogy at Imperial College, London. After becoming interested in Buddhism she joined the Zen class at the Buddhist Society. In 1960 she travelled to Japan and underwent Zen training at Daitokuji in Kyoto. She was ordained as a Rinzai Zen Buddhist nun in 1984. She later became head of the Zen Centre in London, and wrote a number of influential books describing Zen practice.
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