The French Verb Code Breaker (Paperback)

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The search is over for a user-friendly guide to understanding the French Verb system. The French Verb Code Breaker features two revolutionary tools that will change the way you understand, learn and master French verbs forever.

EVERY VERB TENSE & FORM - First, the groundbreaking Univerb ATLAS shows the entire universe of French verb tenses in every possible form (Active, Passive, Reflexive, and major Semi-auxiliaries) reaching far beyond traditional French verb tools and covering all levels, from Beginner to Teacher to Professional. Many of these forms are never even shown in traditional works.

Alphabetically organized to make it fast and easy to find what you're looking for.

EVERY SHADE OF MEANING - Second, the CODE BREAKER introduces Univerb Tags, the unique and powerful set of special tools which help to reveal every shade of meaning of every French verb tense and form and shows you how to use each one, with instant access to clear examples with translations showing exactly what each form means in action. This range of insight is not available in any other work anywhere. The Code Breaker is uniquely designed to make it easy for speakers of English to instantly understand all possible meanings of any French verb tense. All in one volume. Simply the most advanced collection of French verb tenses in the world. Easy to use. Endlessly illuminating.

SERT AUSSI AUX FRANCOPHONES - The unique design of this manual also makes it perfect to be used in reverse by native speakers of French to discover and learn the English versions of the entire French verb-tense system

EXPLANATIONS & HELP - The French Verb Code Breaker - your own Personal Tutor - gives you step-by-step guidance on every rule and every exception in a user-friendly format. And even if you've lost the French you once had, you can get the verb tenses back fast with the Code Breaker and the companion online webxercises.

EXAMPLES, TRANSLATIONS & WEBXERCISES - WebBridge Links, a complete system of scannable links throughout the text instantly connects the user to featuring countless verb-tense examples along with translations and a wealth of additional resources, helpful guides containing key information which is often hard to find in traditional works, and rich collections of online webxercises (subscription) that help you convert theory into practice and make learning easier and faster.


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ISBN: 9780968086476
ISBN-10: 0968086470
Publisher: Pierre Belanger
Publication Date: July 15th, 2022
Pages: 722
Language: English