The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed: The Triune God (Paperback)

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed: The Triune God By T. R. Bosse Cover Image

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed: The Triune God (Paperback)


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Answers all the Trinity Questions - Authenticated and Verified by Scripture

A timely book written for those living in these last days. An important revelation for the Church, the atheist, the skeptic, and everyone else. It answers the questions that scholars like St. Augustine, the Nicene Council, and others could not.

Christians today are reading only half the Gospel. The Apostles could not write the complete account in their day because the knowledge was not available to them. Today's technology and advanced knowledge in science/health featuring instruments such as microscopes, ultrasound, and blood laboratories, help us to understand the Virgin Birth, the Crucifixion, sin-nature, Blood of Jesus, and much more.

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed is a groundbreaking revelation that is awakening all world religions. After being told for 2000-years the Trinity is a mystery, God has provided the answers. While scholars and theologians have diligently searched to understand the doctrine, they could not because of one big obstacle--technology.

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed provides the complete understanding of one of the most challenging doctrines within Christianity. The book's author, T.R. Bosse, draws upon 40-plus years of dedicated Bible scrutiny and a revelation which resulted in over 10-years of researching Christianity's mysterious doctrine. The findings confirm the Trinity was never a mystery but hidden because the means to reveal it was not available until the advancement of knowledge in these last days. Authenticated and verified by Scripture, it answers all the Trinity questions.

The book is structured to take you on a systematic adventure into the vast empire of who God is concerning His complete Godhead. Everything unfolds chronologically, giving the reader a greater understanding in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand layman's format.

Product Details ISBN: 9780972397414
ISBN-10: 0972397418
Publisher: Dove and Word Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 148
Language: English