High and Inside (Paperback)

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High and Inside (Paperback)


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Pete Hurley is not the first person to have the idea that building his dream house in the country will bring him some kind of peace and happiness. But he may be the first to arrive in Montana with a World Series ring, a three-legged dog, and a thirst for self-destruction.

High and Inside documents, with stark clarity, one man's struggle with the dark side of fame, as well as his internal battles with alcoholism and a crumbling sense of self-worth. A community of people who love him and a generous inheritance aren't enough to counterbalance Pete's apparent determination to sabotage every healthy aspect of his life. It's a downward spiral that won't end until he's forced to confront not only his own ugly past but his unfulfilled future as well. With wit and compassion, sharp humor and startling insight, author Russell Rowland gives us not only a portrait of fame and addiction, but also an indispensable glimpse into the character of the modern West.

"Rowland's people are on a search, and he writes them with wit, humility, and a satisfying sense of trajectory."
Leif Enger

Author of Peace Like a River

"You don't have to love baseball to love this story about one (aging) boy of summer who is brought to a bittersweet reckoning with his past. I found myself laughing, cringing, and knuckling down..."
Kim Barnes
Author of In the Kingdom of Men

"...an elegant and potent investigation of community and home, of healing and forgiveness...this wonderful novel is a grand slam of indelible characters and infectious drama, and a flat-out great read."
Alan Heathcock
Author of Volt

Product Details ISBN: 9780982860182
ISBN-10: 0982860188
Publisher: Bangtail Press
Publication Date: June 15th, 2013
Pages: 230
Language: English