Under a Hard Blue Sky (Paperback)

Under a Hard Blue Sky By Kim Martin, Mykel Hawke Cover Image
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In the second book of the JAKE TYLER thriller series, barely two weeks have passed since Special Forces veteran Jake Tyler's return from a harrowing mission in Colombia, South America, one with tragic and life-altering consequences. Recovering at his Costa Rican home, he is struggling to provide comfort and care to Callie Kane, who is deeply traumatized from the experience. He is tormented by the reality that his love for her became an exploitable vulnerability for his adversaries and determined to embrace whatever time is needed for healing...and to build a new life together. So when Jake gets a call from Eddie Falcone and Curran Niles, urgently summoning him to the Congo, he is impossibly conflicted. Falcone and Niles, who had joined him in Colombia as clients and emerged as comrades and friends, have been documenting wealthy young philanthropists Cyrus and Amelia Keogh, and are clearly in over their heads. Gratitude for the risks they took in Colombia on his behalf ultimately prompt Jake to go. What seems on the surface to be a straight-forward, if not daunting quest, quickly escalates into far more, stirring deep-seated emotional connections from Jake's past African conflicts and to encountering an old foe who has set up shop on the region's front lines. At home, Callie is battling nightmares of a demon she cannot exorcize, but is he in her tortured mind or real again? As Jake's efforts take him across the continent, he finds himself in pursuit of predators of the worst kind and a man whose lust for power and notoriety knows no bounds.

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ISBN: 9780982931639
ISBN-10: 0982931638
Publisher: Pixel Dragon Press
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 594
Language: English