Algebra Survival Workbook: The Gateway to Algebra Mastery (Paperback)

Algebra Survival Workbook: The Gateway to Algebra Mastery By Josh Rappaport, Sally Blakemore (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Josh Rappaport, Sally Blakemore (Illustrator)
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Now announcing the second edition of the Algebra Survival Workbook, your tool for reaching algebra mastery.

Now that the award-winning Algebra Survival Guide has been expanded and revised, the companion Algebra Survival Workbook has also been enhanced and updated. The second edition Algebra Survival Workbook features a whole new section with practice word problems.

 And not just any word problems. These are advanced algebra word problems. As a result of this addition, the Guide and Workbook now provide thorough, expert instruction on the toughest word problems that algebra can throw at students.

 The 2nd Edition Workbook’s word problems cover the following topics: mysterious numbers and percents, coin problems, rate-time-distance, wind speed, current speed, fractional work problems, and those tricky mixture problems, too.

 All instruction for these word problems is contained in the Algebra Survival Guide, which contains a number of practice problems, too. But if you want many more additional practice problems, the Algebra Survival Workbook is the book to get. The Workbook contains thousands of additional practice problems with all answers displayed in the back.

 By working through these problems, students can attain a level of algebra excellence that is rightfully called mastery.

 Learn from the Guide; practice in the Workbook, and watch your understanding and grades improve dramatically!

About the Author

Josh Rappaport runs the Now I Get It! Tutoring Service in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a longtime tutor, Josh has heard just about every question about math ever uttered. To help children, Josh relates math's complexities to life situations through playful analogies. Josh put his ideas together in the Algebra Survival Guide, winner of a Parents Choice commendation. The Guide has been used by individuals, schools and school districts across the United States. Sally Blakemore, an award winning paper-engineer and book designer, has illustrated for Esquire Magazine, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Oppenheimer Funds; and books, for Singing Turtle Press, Perseus Press, Western National Parks Press, Gibbs Smith Books, North Carolina Press, Michigan Press, and Texas Press, to name a few. She lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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ISBN: 9780984638178
ISBN-10: 0984638172
Publisher: Singing Turtle Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2016
Pages: 104
Language: English