What Friends Should Do: Discover If Your Friends Are Really Your Friends (Paperback)

What Friends Should Do: Discover If Your Friends Are Really Your Friends By Fred Mogura Cover Image

What Friends Should Do: Discover If Your Friends Are Really Your Friends (Paperback)


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Do some of your friends do or fail to do things that you expect a friend to not do or to do? Does it seem like they have forgotten what it means to be a friend or that they don't have a clue what it takes to be a friend, a real friend. Or do some of your friends get annoyed, maybe even upset with you for things you do or don't do? Could it be that you have forgotten or don't really know what it means or takes to be a friend.

If so, this book is for them and you.

What Friends SHOULD Do looks at what real friends do. It takes a look at things that make someone a real friend. Things like:

  • Accepting us for who we really are.
  • Listening to us and being genuinely interested in what we say.
  • Helping us to see the truth, even if the truth hurts.
  • Supporting us and being there for us.
  • Telling us that we have a booger hanging out of our nose, when we do.

We all want to believe that we are someone's friend and that they are ours. We may think that we are a good friend but in fact we may not be. We may think that those we call a friend are our friend but in fact they might not be. We all need to stop, observe and think about what we do and what those who we call our friends do so we can determine if in fact we are genuinely someone's friend and they ours. What Friends SHOULD Do helps the reader to do just that.

From the Publisher: What Friends SHOULD Do is Fred Mogura's second book. (First book Are You A Dickhead?) Fred presents in this book an easy to read fun but also serious look at things that many people seem to have forgotten about or fail to recognize in themselves that can interfere with being a real friend. What Friends SHOULD Do gives the reader the opportunity to review what it means and takes to be a real friend so that they can discover if the people they call a friend are really a friend, and if they are a real friend to their friends. We hope that you enjoy Fred's new book, What Friends SHOULD Do: Discover If Your Friends Are Really Your Friends.

Product Details ISBN: 9780987267788
ISBN-10: 0987267787
Publisher: Simple Logic Publications
Publication Date: March 31st, 2019
Pages: 136
Language: English