A guide to dating in the 21st century (Paperback) A guide to dating in the 21st century By Paul Edward Fox Cover Image A guide to dating in the 21st century (Paperback)


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At 47 years of age Simon finds himself single after his marriage ends. He's looking for a partner and embarks on internet dating; "mates dates", signs up for an Introduction Agency, goes speed dating, tries organised dinner dating and uses a dedicated match-making service. He avoids his first Christmas alone by booking a single travellers trip to Venice. Misguidedly he pursues an appealing though hopeless 'blind date', a married lady who claims single status, a delightful but sexually disorientated secretary and a rural schoolteacher with a penchant for auto-eroticism, amongst others. His experiences are chronicled in "" A fast paced, light hearted account of what can actually happen when a marriage ends and a quest for love begins in mid-life. Simon experiments with internet profiling; what to wear to organised events (and what not to); how to stay safe on entering the 'field' when newly single and learns the lesson that dates are not always what they seem. An uplifting, often hilarious read, whether you're a man or a woman, you'll laugh out loud, squirm and be entertained as Simon stumbles from one dating disaster to another. This is a life affirming, entertaining read with adult content (Simon tells it as it happened) and a cautionary tale, Simon has been described as a male Bridget Jones whose enthusiasm and urgency to find a partner lead him to pursue an array of women most of whom have little reciprocal interest in a long term relationship with him. When he ultimately finds the right woman, his fortunes take an unexpected turn....
Paul was born in Grays, Essex in 1959 to a carpenter father and a mother who worked as a secretary. He attended Holy Cross Primary then St. Ceds R.C. School for Boys in Ockendon before completing his education in 1975. As a teenager Paul joined the junior leader's regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, Bovington Camp, Dorset where he distinguished himself as the most accident-prone Junior Leader on record. Despite this he developed an interest in fencing and no-one got hurt (thank you Captain Potter). On completing his commission he opted for a career in the exciting world of financial services working as a pensions and currency advisor for 23 years. In his 30's Paul returned to Military Service as a member of the RAF Reserve and attained the rank of Flt. Lieutenant. He is divorced with two adult children. He currently lives in Derbyshire with his partner Jo. He remains an dedicated petrolhead, continues to dislike football, enjoys fencing and living in the country.
Product Details ISBN: 9780992815202
ISBN-10: 0992815207
Publisher: Chatsworth Wade (Publishing)
Publication Date: February 8th, 2014
Pages: 400
Language: English