Four Short Stories: Falling for Maddie Grace; and Where There's Smoke (Paperback)

Four Short Stories: Falling for Maddie Grace; and Where There's Smoke By Meredith Ella Resce Cover Image

Four Short Stories: Falling for Maddie Grace; and Where There's Smoke (Paperback)


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Falling For Maddie Grace

Maddie Grace has followed her passion, and against all odds has become the first female professional football umpire in Australia. Her high level of skill has earned her place, despite critics who say that women have no place on a football field, inhabited by thirty-six strong, fearless and often reckless men.

When an on-field accident sees her caught up in play, and on the receiving end of a blow to the head that knocks her out, Maddie's career is in jeopardy--not because of the accident, but because of the young man who knocked her out.

Zac Beecham is one of Australia's most loved professional sports stars. He's used to the intrusive paparazzi who seem determined to ferret out some dark and dirty secret where there is none. Having been open about his faith and Christian morals, he knows he is a target. So when he ends up on top of Maddie Grace, dazed and in a stupor from concussion, the media pounce on the visual images and decide to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Ridiculous headlines: Zac's secret love affair with the ref - investigation into corrupt umpiring.

Dodging headlines is one thing, but dodging Maddie Grace is another.

Where There's Smoke

Romance forged in an action packed, high tension drama.

After three years, Chris is returning home because of a bushfire crisis threatening his family farm. The danger level is extreme both to himself and the property, almost as extreme as the danger that his heart will be broken all over again.

Sally hasn't seen Chris in three years, and she hasn't forgiven him for just disappearing with no explanation. But he chooses today - the day when their neighbouring properties are in the path of a raging bushfire - to return. She wants to demand an explanation, but with the smoke and flames bearing down on them, now is the time for defending their homes and stock - and each other.

Plus two new short stories: A Piece of Cake and Best Seller

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Publisher: Golden Grain Publishing
Publication Date: September 9th, 2016
Pages: 164
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