The Financial Modellers VBA Compendium (Paperback)

The Financial Modellers VBA Compendium By Jack Avon Cover Image

The Financial Modellers VBA Compendium (Paperback)


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Financial modelling is a critical and well-respected domain in commerce and business. Todays financial modellers are no longer spreadsheet Jockeys of yesteryear, and tend to be individuals from a professional background such as accounting, engineering, and legal.

To provide commercial financial models modellers are well advised to prescribe to a modelling methodology and to develop a suite of cutting edge skills. In the Compendium Jack Avon reveals how experienced financial modellers can acquire critical skills using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

Avon describes explores all the current financial modelling methodologies and provides a first person perspective for any modeler who wants to acquire coding skills specifically for financial modelling.

The Financial Modellers VBA compendium is the only book available that addresses VBA and Financial modelling together specifically targeting financial modellers. The compendium is an invaluable reference tool for anyone who expects to be in the front line of financial modelling in the future.

Product Details ISBN: 9780995672543
ISBN-10: 0995672547
Publisher: Begawans Veranda Limited
Publication Date: December 19th, 2017
Pages: 264
Language: English