Art + Data: A Collection of Tableau Dashboards (paperback) (Paperback)

Art + Data: A Collection of Tableau Dashboards (paperback) By Decisive Data Cover Image

Art + Data: A Collection of Tableau Dashboards (paperback) (Paperback)


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Maybe you're an executive who wants quick insights into your organization. You're busy. We get that. You'll probably only skim this book in 20 minutes. But we hope you're compelled by its intuitive visual analytics and the chance to track progress and increase your company's impact. How about getting a box of these books to hand out to your data analytics teams across the company?

Maybe you're a team lead who relies on data to fulfill your commitments to your organization. Do you need engaging analytics for your technology group? Sales operations? Finance or marketing program? We're betting yes. Then you'll probably settle in and spend a few hours reading this book and relating to the dashboard examples that best match your department. How about getting 10 or more copies for the other people in your team?

Or maybe you're an analytics expert. You geek out on software like Tableau and digging deep into the realm of data visualization. We do too You'll likely spend days on this book pouring over all the incredible practices and concepts embedded in it. We hope so anyway. Our intent is to highlight best practices for dashboard design and empower you to further explore all those data points we know you're obsessed with. We got your back on this.

No matter who you are, we're sure you'll agree that successful organizations don't just tell data stories--they use excellent design to do so. They find harmony between data and art. We've done just that by creating our 5 Elements of Dashboard Design: Integrity, Flow, Color, Typeface and Charm. With these powerful standards, we consistently help people use data to realize better outcomes.

So be inspired. Partner with us. And take from this collection of 20 custom dashboards what you will. Then don't be shy. Blog about it. Recommend it to friends. Put it on the office coffee table. Whatever you do, know that we are one of you

Product Details ISBN: 9780998105765
ISBN-10: 0998105767
Publisher: Decisive Data Inc.
Publication Date: October 17th, 2016
Pages: 66
Language: English