Making Healthy Taste Good (Paperback)

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Making Healthy Taste Good (Paperback)


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Beyond a recipe book - A companion guide for living and loving a healthier life

"A ridiculously awesome, yet brief guide for adding pleasure and health to your life on a daily basis"

Simple and quick meals that nourish your taste buds and long term health

Making Healthy Taste Good is the culmination of my lifelong obsession with achieving peak performance with mind & body. As you know, I feel it's my purpose to share my lifestyle habits that make living at your optimal bodyweight and energy level effortless while enjoyable. You'll get to take a peak into how I teach my clients and friends into upgrading their habits and improving their perception on food. Imagine being able to eat food that you love while staying satisfied and reaping the benefits of the other bi-products like burning more fat, improving hormone health, energy and sleep.

The recipes are designed to reinforce optimal immune and hormone health. Included in the book is a guide to my health assurance plan fueled by flavor insurance. Fighting against family heart disease, cancer and depression I've laid out a practical understanding into taking a proactive approach that allows you to enjoy everything you eat while eating with a preventive approach at simultaneously. Did I mention that everything in here is delicious ?

Making Healthy Taste Good will teach you:

How to create a sustainable method to eating in a delicious and healthy style

How to save time and manage stress when it comes to food choices

How to stop dieting for good and get on the path to real, lasting weight control

How to stop relying on willpower so that health and energy comes automatically

How to stock your kitchen with the basics that you need to stay healthy

How to create an environment that improves your social environment

How to retrain your tastebuds into cravings nutrient-dense, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods

How to learn simple cooking methods that will improve all of your relationships

Product Details ISBN: 9780998999906
ISBN-10: 0998999903
Publisher: Jason Sani
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2018
Pages: 254
Language: English