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"Unease at Rest" is an 'ugly butterfly', anatomized. It is the death's-head moth pinning itself under glass. Every poem is another marking on the insect's back, resembling a human skull. Each one steadfastly reminds its author that it isn't, in fact, a skull. But each feels about that heavy. In this grossly gorgeous collection, Gibson doesn't wrestle or toss away the bones on his back. He quietly, humbly carries them. Wil doesn't fly straight into the lantern's yawning flame. He stares it down, he names it, and he reaches for it. He does so for us, sparing us the discomfort. And he does it with a steady and trained hand: imperfect palms stretched perfectly. The textual body of his poems, too, flex and fold this way. Every page a 'soft, awkward, and most authentic' wing. Wil reaches for the fire with such an ugly human grace, that it explains the ugly human light that swallows us too, by which we are lit from inside, to which we all are bound." - Bill Moran - author of "Oh God Get Out Get Out" - Write Bloody Press.

About the Author

Wil Gibson is a writer that currently lives in Humboldt County, California where the trees are big. He has had several collections published by kind people, and has been included in a number of anthologies and lit mags both online and in print. He has traveled across the country reading poems anywhere folks let him, has been on 7 National Poetry Slam teams from coast to coast, and would like to pet your dog and give you a hug, if you don't mind. Find more info at wilgibson.com
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ISBN: 9780999892954
ISBN-10: 0999892959
Publisher: Swimming with Elephants Publications
Publication Date: August 5th, 2018
Pages: 130
Language: English