Make It Last Forever: 13 Steps to Help Your Rowing Equipment Last An Eternity (Paperback)

Make It Last Forever: 13 Steps to Help Your Rowing Equipment Last An Eternity By Mike Davenport Cover Image
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This 2nd edition of Make It Last Forever: 13 Steps To Helping Your Rowing Equipment Last An Eternity has been completely updated to help you get the most you can out of your equipment.

The equipment you use in rowing can be expensive. Make It Last Forever shows you how to extend the life of your equipment, and make the most of your purchase, with minimum hassle.

Written by expert rowing coach Mike Davenport, Ed.D, Make It Last Forever is for anyone who deals with rowing equipment, from rower to coach to boatman.

Make It Last Forever - Even When Time Is Tight

The Make It Last Forever workbook is over 100 pages of focused and professional advice, with tips, tricks and actions anyone can do. Completely rewritten, there are 13 simple steps you can take to help you extend the life of your equipment. This printed version includes a through index to help you find what you need--fast.

You'll learn...

  • The importance of cleaning your hull, and how to do it
  • Discover the do's and dont's of waxing
  • Is wet sanding the hull right for you
  • The negatives about lubrication
  • How to properly tighten your fasteners
  • Why you should not wait to fix broken parts
  • Why you really do need insurance

Make It Last Forever gives you a plan for getting more from the life of your equipment. And includes recommend actions to take daily, weekly, annually.

Find out what steps to take, what steps to avoid so you'll spend more time on the water more, and less time in the repair bay. You'll get more from your purchase, and you'll feel better rowing in equipment you can be proud of.

Make Your Rowing Life Easier, Save Money, Look Good

New rowing equipment should last years-and-years, or longer. Old equipment can be very competitive. Learn the plan to help make it happen.

Make It Last Forever will help you are your equipment look like a superstar

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Publication Date: July 13th, 2019
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