Tragic Beauty: The Lost 1914 Memoirs of Evelyn Nesbit (Paperback)

Tragic Beauty: The Lost 1914 Memoirs of Evelyn Nesbit By Deborah Paul Cover Image
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The 1914 memoirs of Evelyn Nesbit, the beautiful chorus girl and model whose association with architect Stanford White would later lead to his sensational murder at Madison Square Garden. In June 1906, Pittsburgh playboy Harry K. Thaw shot and murdered Stanford White, one of America's most famous architects, over a deadly dispute involving White's seduction of Thaw's wife, Evelyn Nesbit. Known as "the girl on the red velvet swing," Evelyn earned this moniker when she described swinging naked on a red velvet swing in Stanford White's New York studio apartment. Stanford White had supposedly drugged and raped the sixteen-year-old Evelyn in the autumn of 1901. The scandal rocked the nation with its lurid details of sex, power, drugs, and insanity. The newspapers and tabloids had a field day with the story and labeled the murder "The Crime of the Century.
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