The Secret of Cancer & AIDS: Immunological tolerance in the lymph system (Paperback)

The Secret of Cancer & AIDS: Immunological tolerance in the lymph system By Jason MC Kenna Cover Image
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The Secret of Cancer and Aids

This book is based on the theory that cancer and HIV exist in the body because the immune system has become tolerant of them.

This is a brand new theory, and now that it's here and we think we know what's going on inside the body we can have some idea of how to correct the tolerance. In fact, with the treatments offered in this book it may even be possible to cure the tolerance to the disease and then potentially the disease itself. You see, if your immune system is no longer tolerant of a disease, such as cancer or HIV then it "WILL" attack it.

The primary goal of this book is not to have you take vitamins, eat right or even to boost your immune system, although these things may be helpful. The primary goal is to remove excess cancer and AIDs or HIV antigens that have built up which are causing the tolerance. One good treatment is to clean out the lymph system which you can do yourself with herbal and alternative medicine.

This book was written for both those in the medical field and the general public alike. It contains information that medical professionals may find helpful for treatments and that you can use at home including a new theory, new treatments, and new results.
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ISBN: 9781432739775
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Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: September 29th, 2011
Pages: 130
Language: English