Shadow Place: Paranormal Predator Protection for Extraordinary Times (Paperback)

Shadow Place: Paranormal Predator Protection for Extraordinary Times By C. T. Shooting Star Cover Image

Shadow Place: Paranormal Predator Protection for Extraordinary Times (Paperback)


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"The next night after the devil faced episode, Cathy was driving home on a warm June evening. For some odd reason, she missed her turn while driving down one of the back roads. The next thing she knew she was in a bank of fog. The fog would get worse, but something else happened first which nobody in their right mind would believe. Her windshield froze up in a glaze of ice fog. The windshield wasn t cold, but it looked like it was actually frozen with frost and ice. She tried anti-freeze, air and wipers all at the same time, but nothing worked. After she failed to clear the windscreen, she needed to focus on steering the car away from the ditch. Fortunately, she also noticed the two flashing red lights through the frozen windscreen, so that she was able to stop her car at the last minute. There was no train or lights ahead of her before the windscreen froze; nevertheless, she was headed right into a moving train at a location which lacked signal barriers. The result of that would have been horrific."

Shakespeare was right when he claimed that man's greatest weakness was his false sense of security. The hidden world of spirit slavery and aggression still exists behind the veil and that veil is beginning to drop away with the planet's higher vibrations. Shooting Star reveals why it is necessary to defend yourself and your family from paranormal predators at home and in the community through the uncovering of layered truths from his own past life experiences, in addition to his ongoing involvement with negative entities. Paranormal investigators and visitors to historical places of violence who have concerns will also benefit from the practical advice given on how to build awareness of various paranormal phenomena. In addition, paranormal practitioners who require an eclectic protective advantage, in harmony with universal law, to counter increased paranormal negativity will appreciate the clarity that Shooting Star uses to explain his techniques. Whether you have encountered a negative energy force which is difficult to eliminate; or whether you are looking for a sustainable defensive approach to discourage or resist paranormal predators, Shooting Star's methods and techniques can be used on their own as a means of exorcising spirits; or they can be used in conjunction with a diversity of other related practices. Demonologists Feng Shui practitioners Exorcists from various religions Reiki practitioners and related light workers Reflexology Aromatherapy Massage Native American medicine practitioners Spiritual healers and leaders All those who are working towards a greater vision and in need of protection

Product Details ISBN: 9781450286008
ISBN-10: 1450286003
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2011
Pages: 308
Language: English