Photography Lighting: Top 10 Must-Know Photography Lighting Facts to Shoot Like a Pro in Your Home Studio (Paperback)

Photography Lighting: Top 10 Must-Know Photography Lighting Facts to Shoot Like a Pro in Your Home Studio By James Carren Cover Image
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Discover ALL The Photography Lighting Tricks The Pros Use In No Time

The world of lighting is so vast and varied that you can go your whole life and not learn everything. It requires constant education and keeping up with the new advances that changes in lighting equipment bring. First off, the focus of this book is to describe how to create a home studio. It has an assumption that you already have some knowledge of studio lighting, now it's just about how to apply it at home.

You will be instructed on how to select a good space for your studio and what sorts of equipment you will need to get started. I provide an overall, comprehensive list of types of stands, backdrops and lights, as well as the look and advantages of all the types of lights.

Next is a chapter on modifiers, which are the most fun part of lighting. Modifiers are things like reflectors and soft boxes, that help to spread the light around and make it cleaner and smoother.

The book walks through all of the specifications you need to select a good space: north-facing light and wide open space with clean, plainly painted walls. Don't know what you'll need for your studio? Following chapter 3, you will

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • How to setup your home studio
  • All the gear you need
  • The Different types of lighting
  • How to setup lights
  • Still life lighting
  • Portraiture Lighting
  • And so much more

Finally, the book will take a comprehensive look at all sorts of different lighting styles and setups. These will range from the world of portraiture to still life.

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"A picture is worth a thousand words" In his books, James Carren provides a wealth of knowledge in the areas of art and photography. Unlike other photography guides, his content focuses on being easily implementable, as well as easy to understand. So instead of reading "over-hyped" low quality photography content that provides little to no value, you'll get quality actionable information that can be immediately implemented to take your photography skills to the next level. When not writing, James likes to read, go on bike rides, and explore the different parts of the world with his camera.
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