Photography: The f Manual: The essential basics of photography (Paperback)

Photography: The f Manual: The essential basics of photography By Whitney Brown (Editor), Dan P. Bullard (Editor), Luigi Barbano Cover Image
By Whitney Brown (Editor), Dan P. Bullard (Editor), Luigi Barbano
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The book contains the essential basic concepts to understand the photographic process. The author is explaining all the concepts and rules photography is based on, giving a general theory.Luigi's book talks about everything from f stops to file formats, the difference between JPG and TIF and how image scaling and DPI relate. His section on how camera, computer monitor and printer color calibration works is explained so well, you'll never forget it (just think toast). It even has in-depth explanations on photo composition, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, depth of field, printing your images, publishing, and more.Luigi's English is pretty good yet his lovely Italian flavor and sense of humor still come through.

About the Author

Luigi Barbano, born in Italy but actually stateless in his soul, in 1994 in the city of Cuneo, in northwest Italy started his first professional studio. Since he was a kid he always had a passion for the achievements of the human mind represented in the productive process and he likes to communicate it with his images. Artist and author he published photographic and technical books. Luigi is now collaborating with PrintArteMagazine as an expert of the fine art inkjet printing process.
 In 2005 he obtained the certification from PPA and in the years he distinguished himself receiving international awards.
 He published photographic and technical books in Italian and English. Luigi Barbano is a Phase One Ambassador. For more details and to see the books he published, visit http: //
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