Careers for Your Cat (Hardcover)

Careers for Your Cat By Ann Dziemianowicz, Ann Boyajian (Illustrator) Cover Image

Careers for Your Cat (Hardcover)


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Does your pampered Persian princess have a talent for interior design? Does your dapper tabby harbor the soul of an opera diva? Or is your sleek Siamese with the selective palate a restaurant critic in the making? Cat career coach Ann Dziemianowicz helps our furry companions navigate the increasingly high-stakes feline job market and streamlines the kitty job-search process by giving cats the tools they need to identify skill sets and make sound employment decisions. The convenient, completely private in-home Meowers-Briggs Career/Personality Test is a unique self-assessment tool that establishes your cat’s “type”—outgoing or reserved? self-effacing or self-confident? witty or witless? Dziemianowicz then profiles thirty-four thoughtfully selected career matches. Finally, it’s time for cats realize their full potential and go to work so you can sit back, relax, and take a well-earned cat nap.               

ANN DZIEMIANOWICZ is a writer and feline career counselor who is dedicated to helping cats land their dream jobs. Her three cats have gone on to much success. Fella went into law enforcement; Bibsy launched a catering business and Milton pursued a long and varied career as a lounge act in Vegas.

ANN BOYAJIAN is a former rock musician turned church choir director and book illustrator. She and her husband support two kitties in Massachusetts.
Product Details ISBN: 9781580081245
ISBN-10: 158008124X
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2010
Pages: 90
Language: English

“Have you ever thought your palate-picky Persian could make it as a haute-cuisine critic? Careers for Your Cat, a quirky guide by Ann Dziemianowicz and illustrated by Ann Boyajian will help you answer these questions.”
--Cat Fancy, November 2010

Careers for Your Cat offers 34 careers–from celebrity photographer to psychotherapist—delightfully illustrated by artist Ann Boyajian.”, 10/1/10

“Basically, I love everything about this book, including the illustrations by Ann Boyajian.”, 9/28/10

“For now, for any of you kits who might be just lolling around watching TV, birds and who lie in front of the window sunbathing all day, you may want to get your paws on Careers For Your Cat so you can  bring home some bucks for some extra kibble or shrimp.”
--Cody the cat, Cat Chat with Caren & Cody, 9/5/10

“The premise of this light-hearted look at feline careers is to enable owners to "sit back, relax, and take a well-earned cat nap.”
--CanidaePetFood blog, 9/4/10

“Definitely good for a laugh.  I found out my cat Hattie would make a good jazz musician and my cat Sirius would make a good landscape architect.”, 9/3/10

One of 10 Notable Debuts
--Writers Digest, September 2010

Careers for Your Cat gets right down to business with the Meowers-Briggs Career/Personality Test. If your cat can deconstruct a sofa on a moment’s notice, he might make a good interior designer.”
--Boston Globe, 8/29/10

“Want to find your cat's personality type and ideal career? For Dziemianowicz's advice and her patented Meowers-Briggs test, check out Careers for Your Cat.”
--People Magazine’s, 8/19/10

“The book is hilarious. Many books land on my desk for review and are later donated to shelters. This one is a keeper! In fact, its going to remain permanently on my desk alongside my treasured dictionaries and other “go to” books for information.”
--Sandy Robins,, 7/30/10

“...if you (or somebody you know) needs a bit of "funny" injected into the darkness of the current economic bust (and especially if they're a "cat person"), this is something you might consider picking up.”
--ChicagoNow, "The Job Stalker," 7/26/10

“Careers for Your Cat, written by Ann Dziemianowicz and charmingly illustrated by Ann Boyajian, purports to be exactly what it sounds like, a way to get your kitty off its furry behind and out into the workforce.”
--BTripps Books, 7/25/10

“While this book is delightfully tongue-in-cheek, the author has clearly observed the behavior and attitudes of many cats.”
--New Age Retailer, Pet Psychic Column, 2010

“Here's good news: After years of reading and reviewing business books, I have finally found one volume that is 100 percent guaranteed to improve your life.”
--”Work Daze”, syndicated columnist Bob Goldman, 2010