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There is no heaven or hell. There is only the next world, a lawless purgatory called "the Presidio." Populated by the dead, the undead, angels, monsters, and immortals, the Presidio is located a heartbeat away from this world -- for those who know how to get there.

Ryder Fell, a kindhearted thief cursed with visions of the future, is contracted to kidnap Polly Lee James, a sweet sixteen-year-old orphan who is not what she seems. Polly is an exile from the Presidio, and her kidnapping will take Ryder on a collision course with the twisted denizens of purgatory.

Set alternately in modern-day California and the gothic underworld of the Presidio, Godspeed is equal parts dark fantasy and sinister noir, a Paradise Lost for a new generation.

About the Author

Will Christopher Baer was born in Mississippi in 1966. His short stories have been published in numerous places, notably Nerve and Bomb, and his three Phineas Poe titles were simultaneously re-released in hardcover by MacAdam/Cage in the fall of 2004. He lives in California with his wife and children.

Praise For…

Praise for Will Christopher Baer:

“An over-the-top Grande Guignol thriller that breaks every rule of fine literature without ever once descending to the lowest denominator….Baer’s sarcasm and occasional (and believable) flashes of humanity keep the depraved goings-on from descending to the cold sadism of a Jack Womack or Burroughs.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[Baer] assimilates the high diction and sonorous descriptions of Cormac McCarthy with the testosterone-pumped, grimly ironic and often murderously funny Gen X novels of Dave Eggers, Chuck Palahniuk and William T. Vollmann.”
Nashville Scene

“Baer writes noir like there’s no tomorrow, which is fitting, because it’s something of a shock his sexed-up and/or strung-out characters survive another day.”
Memphis Flyer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781596921979
Publisher: MacAdam Cage
Publication Date: December 31st, 2035
Pages: 250