Robert's Rules of Order (Classic Edition) (Hardcover)

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It has been said by one of the greatest of English writers on parliamentary law: "Whether these forms be in all cases the most rational or not is really not of so great importance. It is much more material that there should be a rule to go by, than what that rule is, that there may be a uniformity of proceeding in business, not subject to the caprice of the chairman, or captiousness of the members. It is very material that order, decency and regularity be preserved in a dignified public body." This work is the classic edition of Robert's Rules of Order. Originally published in 1875, Roberts Rules of Order is a manual of rules for deliberative assemblies and is often used in business, government and other governing bodies.
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ISBN: 9781599869384
Publisher: Filiquarian Publishing, LLC.
Publication Date: November 7th, 2006
Pages: 122