The Story of the History of Rome: Annotated (Paperback)

The Story of the History of Rome: Annotated By Emily Beesly Cover Image

The Story of the History of Rome: Annotated (Paperback)


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This classic children's history book includes sixteen stories covering the lives of famous Romans and events from Roman history from the founding of Rome to the last emperor. Topics covered include the building of Rome, the Horatii and the Curiatti, Brutus and his sons, how Lars Porsenna besieged Rome, Caius Marcius and his mother, the deeds of the Fabii, Cincinnatus, the Battle of Corbio, how the Romans won two cities, the taking of Rome, the gulf in the forum, the story of Titus Manlius, the death of Decius, the Caudine Forks, the two Fabii, and how Pyrrhus fought against Rome. These stories are written for young as well as school-age children, selected with the intention of highlighting two of the most important characteristics of Roman life: duty to parents and duty to country. This is definitely a child-friendly book, written simply, enough to interest the younger set-yet with enough color and detail to hold older readers as well. Overall, it gives a very good introduction to Roman history.

Product Details ISBN: 9781611047103
ISBN-10: 1611047102
Publisher: Cedar Lake Classics
Publication Date: August 18th, 2020
Pages: 106
Language: English