The Art of War (Paperback)

The Art of War By Baron De Jomini, Capt G. H. Mendell (Translator), Lieut W. P. Craighill (Translator) Cover Image
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Antoine-Henri Jomini 's The Art of War is the foremost writing on Napoleonic warfare and military tactics and strategy ever written. "The art of war, as generally considered, consists of five purely military branches, -viz.: Strategy, Grand Tactics, Logistics, Engineering, and Tactics. A sixth and essential branch, hitherto unrecognized, might be termed Diplomacy in its relation to War. Although this branch is more naturally and intimately connected with the profession of a statesman than with that of a soldier, it cannot be denied that, if it be useless to a subordinate general, it is indispensable to every general commanding an army." -Antoine-Henri Jomini Antoine-Henri, baron Jomini was a general in the French and Russian military. He was one of the most celebrated writers on Napoleonic warfare and according to historian John Shy, "deserves the dubious title of founder of modern strategy.
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