Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era (Paperback)

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Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era (Paperback)


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Witnessing the cultural collapse in the aftermath of the modern rejection of Christ, Fr. McTeigue offers meditations for the reader to consider what must be retrieved and renewed in order to build Christ-centered cultures in our time. Where were you in the madness of 2020 and the sadness of 2021? When did you begin to suspect that many things have been terribly wrong for a long time? McTeigue spent the long year of 2020 moving between the chapel, his front window, and his computer--wondering at the outburst of madness and the glimmers of hope. In 2021, he struggled with to find "the new normal."

Written as a kind of a war journal during what he calls "the COVID Interruption" and the violent outbursts in numerous cities, McTeigue penned this series of meditations. His observations: Since the time of the French Revolution, the West (formerly known as "Christendom") chose to organize public and private life without reference to Christ. His conclusion: Since 1789 the West has produced much bad art and even more dead bodies--precisely because of the rejection of Christ.

His invitation: Join him in exploring ways to find what must be retrieved and renewed to build Christ-centered cultures and civilizations in our own time. His promise: With thoughtfulness and grace, we can build, not a reconstruction of some mythical "good old days" but rather a new Christendom that does justice to what our ancestors entrusted to us and to what our posterity deserve from us.

Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., has lectured and taught worldwide on philosophy and theology. A member of the National Ethics Committee of the Catholic Medical Association, he is host of the radio show The Catholic Current on the Station of the Cross Network, as well as the author of the best-selling book Real Philosophy for Real People.
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Publisher: Ignatius Press
Publication Date: November 25th, 2022
Pages: 152
Language: English