Mil mariposas blancas (Hardcover)

Mil mariposas blancas By Jessica Betancourt-Perez, Karen Lynn Williams, Gina Maldonado (Illustrator) Cover Image

Mil mariposas blancas (Hardcover)


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¡Un querido libro ilustrado está ahora disponible en español! Como si empezar a vivir en los Estados Unidos no fuera bastante difícil, ¡Isabella se encuentra con que su primer día de clases se cancela debido a una nevada!

A beloved picture book now in Spanish! As if being new to the United States wasn't hard enough, Isabella's first day of school is canceled due to snow.

¡Un querido libro ilustrado está ahora disponible en español! Isabella acaba de llegar de Colombia con su mamá y su abuela. Extraña a Papá, que aún está en Sudamérica. En su primer día de escuela espera hacer nuevos amigos, pero ese día se cancelan las clases debido a una gran nevada. Isabella extraña su cálida y verde Colombia más que nunca. Pero pronto conoce a Katie y se da cuenta de que hacer nuevos amigos en el frío es más fácil de lo que creía.

Isabella has recently arrived from Colombia with her mother and abuela. She misses Papa, who is still in South America. It's her first day of school, her make-new-friends day, but when classes are canceled because of too much snow, Isabella misses warm green Colombia more than ever. Then Isabella meets Katie and finds out that making friends in the cold is easier than she thought.
Jessica Betancourt-Pérez se crio en Palmira, Colombia, y en los Estados Unidos (a donde inmigró a los quince años). Tiene una maestría en sicología escolar y trabaja de sicóloga para un gran distrito escolar suburbano en York, Pensilvania.

Karen Lynn Williams tiene una maestría en educación para personas sordas. Vivió en África y en Haití. De niña tenía la ilusión de publicar libros a temprana edad, y creó un club de escritura a los diez años. Hoy es autora de catorce libros para niños.

Jessica Betancourt-Perez grew up in Palmira, Colombia, and the United States (immigrating at fifteen). She holds a master's degree in school psychology and currently works as a school psychologist in a large, suburban school district in York, Pennsylvania.

Karen Lynn Williams holds a master's degree in deaf education. She has lived in Africa and in Haiti. Karen had an early dream to be one of the youngest published authors, starting a writing club at ten. She is the author of fourteen books for children.

Gina Maldonado es una ilustradora, artista y diseñadora basada en Hong Kong. Estudió arquitectura y diseño de interiores en Colombia, México e Italia. Luego descubrió su gran pasión: el dibujo. Su trabajo es colorido y jovial y está inspirado por su amor a la naturaleza, su herencia latinoamericana y sus experiencias al residir en Europa y Asia.

Gina Maldonado is an illustrator, artist and designer based in Hong Kong. She studied architecture and interior design in Colombia, Mexico, and Italy and then discovered her real passion--illustration. Her work is colourful and joyful, inspired by her love of nature, Latin American heritage and experiences of living in Europe and Asia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781623543860
ISBN-10: 162354386X
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: Spanish
In a snowy wintertime, a girl is looking through the window of her new home in the United States, missing her dad and friends who were left behind in Colombia and its warm weather. Despite her sadness, Isabella is eager to meet new friends, so when a neighborhood girl invites her to build a snowman, Isabella is inspired to draw from her experience. The snow, resembling white butterflies, does not feel so bad anymore. This Spanish translation of A Thousand White Butterflies is interspersed with vocabulary for children who are comfortable with this language and region-based terms, such as ruana and sombrero vueltiao, a traditional Colombia hat. The text also contains some English phrases translated in the glossary. This story concerns an immigrant child prevailing against her sadness and making things work in a new country. The book could be used in an early elementary unit about feelings and coping mechanisms. The digital illustrations were created using textures made with crayons and acrylic paint, relying on a soft palette for the background scenery and emphasizing the fuchsia jacket of the main character. This art creates a beautifully warm setting when the main character is at home and a smooth wintery feeling when she is with her newly found friend. Isabella has light brown skin.  VERDICT A picture book about emotions highlighting the ­effects of immigration-based family separation and the healing power of friendship. A strong choice for Spanish-language picture bookshelves.
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