Cover My Dreams in Ink (2nd ed.): A Son's Unbearable Solitude A Mother's Unending Quest (Hardcover)

Cover My Dreams in Ink (2nd ed.): A Son's Unbearable Solitude A Mother's Unending Quest Cover Image
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Born different, a boy struggles. His story draws you in. So, too, does his mother's relentless quest, albeit flawed, from the fight for an appropriate education through the fight for his life as he enters the harrowing world of addiction. The boy's poetry-undiscovered in his lifetime-is intertwined, depicting an inner life otherwise unknown.

Facing bitter disappointments and often insurmountable obstacles, mother and son weather adversity, sometimes in opposition. Equally obvious is the bond between them, evidenced by their candid communications-laden with strife but not without humor.

From the discovery of a drug that provided relief, to the pure hell of addiction-exploited, humiliated, punished-and from homelessness and jail cells, to a wanderlust in search of a kinder world, his young manhood is full of heartache. Yet his grit and resilience-his capacity to love and forgive-present a formidable counterforce to the wounds of injustice. But they lose. She, her son. He, his life.

Inspiring sensitivity for those who are different, compassion for those whose battles arise from uncontrollable circumstances rather than faults of character, this story shines a light on needed reform.

The 2nd Edition of Cover My Dreams in Ink -- released in July 2021 -- includes two new features: (1) An additional section of Paul's poetry comprising fifteen poems as yet unseen; and (2) An expanded Epilogue, providing a more substantive account of our nation's drug crisis and the reforms needed to make a difference.

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ISBN: 9781627203524
ISBN-10: 1627203524
Publisher: Loyola College/Apprentice House
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 400
Language: English