Wishbone - Behind the Scenes (Paperback)

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Wishbone - Behind the Scenes (Paperback)


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"What's the story, Wishbone?" was the question asked by the theme song of one of the most inspired children's TV shows ever made. Wishbone was a sort of Masterpiece Theater made just for youngsters - although easily enjoyed by adults as well. On Wishbone, children were introduced to the greats of classic literature as they watched a talented Jack Russell Terrier depict such literary luminaries as Ulysses, Romeo, Sherlock Holmes, and Oliver Twist. This book takes the reader behind the scenes to see how this wonderfully educational program was thought up and then put together. The reader learns how both human and animal actors were chosen and how the special challenges of working with a canine star were met.

Wishbone Behind the Scenes shows how the child actors were able to combine regular schooling and the fun of childhood with the hard work of playing characters in a regular TV series. It discusses the ways human actors played both contemporary roles and classic roles and the special accommodations they made when acting with dog actors. It shows how the stunts were performed and how a few had unexpected "oopsies." Perhaps most of all, the reader learns how many varied individuals worked to create a show for children that entertained and educated in equal amounts.

Product Details ISBN: 9781629339146
ISBN-10: 1629339148
Publisher: BearManor Media
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2022
Pages: 114
Language: English