Vintage Treks: From Vine to Bottle (Paperback)

Vintage Treks: From Vine to Bottle By James Scott Lavis Cover Image

Vintage Treks: From Vine to Bottle (Paperback)


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Among the simple but easily attainable pleasures of life, having friends for dinner, corking a North Carolina wine, and reading a passage from VINTAGE TREKS, acts like an appetizer to an appetizer. Jim Lavis begins with Love-love of knowledge of NC wines, love of science and lore of NC wines, but most powerfully, love of the beauty of NC wines--color, aroma, flavor, "mouth feel". Knowing where and how Michaelangelo obtained the pigments for his paints definitely increases the viewing pleasure of the Sistine Chapel. Likewise, sharing VINTAGE TREKS with dinner guests sipping Viognier, Chambourcin, or Chardonnay enhances the social experience. If you would fill your guests' glasses with more than wine, this book should be in your possession.

William Mastrosimone, Playwright for the Broadway Stage and Television "The sweet smell of crackling pine. The judicious flavors of the fruit of the vine. Jim Lavis brings it all home to Carolina . . . line after delectable line."

Dave Hart, Author of TRENTON and Spirits of Cedar Bridge
I've been told I take after my mother's side of the family. Both my mom's parents were born and raised in Sicily. My Dad's father was born and raised in Greece. As for my Dad's mom, she was Welsh. I don't think much of that nationality settled in my genes, except maybe my love of the woods and the color green. This being the basis of who I am, it's no wonder I developed a love for the fruit of the vine at an early age. Imagine that, being a descendant of the two most prominent nationalities associated with wine. The Greeks invented wine, and the Italians perfected it. Wine was an everyday staple in our house when I was young. Grandpop Mastrosimone made wine every year in the basement of our row house in Trenton, New Jersey. I remember the grapes, the flow of juice from the press, and the smell, ay yes, the smell. I can summon the memory on command and the virtual aromas of the wine in that old basement fill my thoughts and bring a smile to my face. Even as a young boy, I new that wine was an important part of our family values. It had purpose, a place in our history, even a role in our spiritual beliefs. Making the wine together as a family brought with it a sense of pride and tradition. As an adult, and amateur wine maker myself I've retained ownership of that family pride. This book has allowed me to explore just how deep that pride goes. This is my first attempt as an author. I'm a lover of music and singer of songs. I love to be creative in the kitchen, think deep thoughts, to spend time enjoying life with my wife, our three sons, my daughter-in-law and the family pooch, and of course enjoying many different varietals and styles of wines. When I have the time, I also love to go boating and fishing in North Carolina's lakes and ponds. Perhaps someday we'll raise a glass together. Salute!
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Publisher: Indigo Sea Press
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2016
Pages: 98
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