Period?: Life with Menstruation (Paperback)

Period?: Life with Menstruation By Miriam Prosnitz Cover Image

Period?: Life with Menstruation (Paperback)


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Did you know that women have about 450 periods in their lifetimes? That's an average of ten years menstruating. No wonder they want to abolish the tampon tax.

Period? Life with Menstruation is a collection of humorous short stories focused on women's experiences surrounding menstruation. It's an uncomfortable topic for many, and rather than pretend it doesn't exist, this book shares the awkward, funny, and bloody moments of having a period.

You'll read the day-to-day impact of menstruation through stories about:

  • buying a pregnancy test at Target while praying not to be recognized;
  • what really happens when a tampon is flushed down the toilet; and
  • why you shouldn't change your menstrual cup at work.

Get the idea? This book's 15 WILD stories reveal a diverse range of women's insights while being honest and relatable.

Period? belongs on your bookshelf if you are grappling with how women and society treat menstruation or simply revel in ridiculous human stories. While this book is for everyone, you'll especially relate if you've ever menstruated. And learn a thing or two if you haven't. Period.

Product Details ISBN: 9781637303443
ISBN-10: 1637303440
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication Date: September 7th, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English