The Best Puzzle Book for Adults: Popular Word, Logic, and Math Puzzles to Entertain Your Brain (Paperback)

The Best Puzzle Book for Adults: Popular Word, Logic, and Math Puzzles to Entertain Your Brain By Jeff Chen Cover Image

The Best Puzzle Book for Adults: Popular Word, Logic, and Math Puzzles to Entertain Your Brain (Paperback)


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130+ engaging puzzles to entertain and challenge you

The best puzzles generate delightful "a-ha!" moments—sparks of wonderment and joy that go beyond simple mental exercise. Whether you're new to puzzles or you've been enjoying them for decades, this book offers a mind-bending collection of popular puzzle types to captivate and enthrall you, from time-honored classics to creative new takes.

What sets this book apart from other puzzle books for adults:
  • A puzzling variety—Explore a mix of beloved classics and creative new takes on a wide range of puzzles, including brain teasers, crosswords, word searches, logic grids, sudoku, calcudoku, and cryptograms.
  • Progressive difficulty—Easily find the challenge level you want with puzzles organized by complexity, starting easy and growing harder as you move through the book.
  • Tips and trivia—Learn about the history of puzzles, get expert pointers for solving different types, and expand your knowledge with fun puzzle trivia.

Sharpen your mind and discover hours of entertainment with The Best Puzzle Book for Adults.
JEFF CHEN is a professional puzzle-maker and writer. He has created 135 crosswords for The New York Times, making him one of the top 10 crossword constructors for that publication. For more information, check out his websites: and
Product Details ISBN: 9781638071181
ISBN-10: 1638071187
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English
"When you're solving a Jeff Chen crossword puzzle, you can count on at least two things: high quality and fun. I'm looking forward to diving into his latest book." —Rich Norris, L.A. Times crossword editor

"The Best Puzzle Book for Adults is anything but average: Jeff Chen has filled the pages with elevated puzzles, from a word search that mixes letters with stars to a Sudoku whose given numbers form a U. What are U waiting for? Grab a pencil and prepare to enjoy puzzles in a whole new way!" —David Steinberg, editor of the Universal Crossword

"Jeff Chen's The Best Puzzle Book for Adults is ingenious, entertaining, and perfect for all types of people. The hardest puzzle was remembering my credit card number so I could buy it. But luckily, I figured it out! Spoilers: it's 3675 1290 0012 7645!" —Megan Amram, writer of The Good Place and The Simpsons

"Real solvers know that puzzles are serious business, and Jeff Chen is seriously good at constructing them. Whether you're a pro or a first-timer, this book is bound to keep your grown-up brain spinning fast and having fun!" —Craig Mazin, creator of HBO's Chernobyl