The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails: 100 Timeless, Creative & Tempting Recipes (Hardcover)

The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails: 100 Timeless, Creative & Tempting Recipes By Amy Zavatto Cover Image

The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails: 100 Timeless, Creative & Tempting Recipes (Hardcover)


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Lift your spirits—cocktails that take bourbon to the next level

If you're a bourbon aficionado—or an aspiring one—you hold in your hands the essential guide to plenty of inventive and exciting ways to savor an American classic. From a traditional Old Fashioned to a Churchill Downs Crusta, explore 100 cocktails that incorporate flavors from a variety of bourbons, regions, and time periods.

From a solo nightcap, to pre-dinner drinks for two and cocktails for a crowd, you'll learn to whip up the perfect bourbon drink for every occasion. Taste trendy new flavors created exclusively for this book, and long-forgotten recipes from the Prohibition era.

The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails offers:
  • Bow down to bourbon—Every cocktail is catalogued based on flavor profile, including savory, tart, hot, frosty, fruity, decadent, and even party punches.
  • Better than a bartender—Impress your guests by making your own grenadines and syrups from scratch.
  • Peek inside the barrel—Learn about how bourbon is made, what makes it great, the correct terminology, and some of its fascinating history.

Mix things up with a complete book of classic and creative cocktails for bourbon lovers.
AMY ZAVATTO writes about spirits, cocktails, and wine for a living. Her work can be found in Men’s Journal, Wine Enthusiast, Imbibe, and many others. She is also the author of multiple boozy books, including The Architecture of the Cocktail.
Product Details ISBN: 9781638788089
ISBN-10: 1638788081
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 170
Language: English
“Not only does this book have great cocktail recipes, but it teaches you how to make ALL KINDS of simple syrups. There's honey syrup, rooibos syrup, chai syrup, etc.; recipes on how to make liqueurs and amazing drinks. All the drinks are separated effectively by savory, tart, fruit-forward, hot, frosty, and punches.” —Nenia C.

“I have just started accumulating items to build up my in house bar and this one had to be included. There are so many recipes that I have never even thought about, and I am going through them one by one to give them all a try. A lot of them don’t require an extensive array of bar items so just about anyone can make these drinks. The book itself is set up well and it is very easy to follow along with. Even if you don’t like to drink, this makes a nice coffee table book!” —Tyler K.

“My dad is a big bourbon drinker. He is also adventurous, and this is the perfect book for him! The book is well-bound and a good size. There are a lot of helpful tips in the book for people who aren't up on their bourbon education. They also use a lot of different ingredients that I haven't ever tried before!” —Amy D.