I Am a Gift (Paperback)

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Although Chloe Elizabeth endured childhood sexual trauma, she does not consider herself a victim or even a survivor of incest abuse. Rather, she considers herself a victor, a champion. Even so, she has felt, as many who have experienced similar trauma, that she was once shattered into a million pieces by the abuse, then scattered into a million places. It has taken a lifetime to regather the pieces, reassemble them, and redeem her life. First, Chloe took back control, and then she took back her life. Her efforts resulted in a miracle. Chloe's hard work with definite intent created for herself a life she could not imagine even in her wildest imagination was possible for her.
After many years of recovery and healing, today Chloe considers herself sane and healthy. Her journey through recovery has demanded deliberate and determined effort necessary to pull herself out of a pit of miry clay and reclaim her life. Now she realizes that the painstaking effort required to recover has created much healing resulting in rich blessings in her life now, and lasting peace with her past.
Today Chloe is empowered by her past. She understands the importance of every experience in her life, appreciating that each and every event was necessary to bring into existence the woman she is today.
This is her story, courageously shared in hopes of inspiring others struggling as she has, that they too might find hope and healing for themselves.
Recovery and healing has proven, without a doubt that Chloe is a gift, and nothing that can happen, or has happened can change that.

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ISBN: 9781640286122
ISBN-10: 1640286128
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: July 6th, 2017
Pages: 88
Language: English