Brothers3 (Paperback)

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Sam Kelly and his wife are just living their dreams of running their own veterinary hospital. In a quick turn of events, they fall into the crosshairs of a corrupt sheriff and a violent underground government army.

Sam and his brothers go on the defense, confronting these heinous legions head-on. As the battles of survival continue, Sam and his brothers are able to recruit some family friends along with retired military personnel. Sam and his small army soon become known as the Brothers3. The Brothers3 go on the offensive and battle across the United States.

Death and violence are everywhere. The Brothers3 never know when they are going to be attacked. If Sam and the Brothers3 weaken their offensive, they and their families will surely be killed.

In the back of all this turmoil, a terrorist plot is underway to destroy the very fabric that holds the United States together as a great nation.

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ISBN: 9781640821866
ISBN-10: 1640821864
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 15th, 2017
Pages: 632
Language: English