Reiki Healing for Beginners: The Practical Guide with Remedies for 100+ Ailments (Paperback)

Reiki Healing for Beginners: The Practical Guide with Remedies for 100+ Ailments By Karen Frazier Cover Image

Reiki Healing for Beginners: The Practical Guide with Remedies for 100+ Ailments (Paperback)


Learn to treat over 100 physical and emotional ailments with remedies from Reiki Healing for Beginners.

Reiki Healing for Beginners shows new reiki practitioners how to put theory into practice and start healing body, mind, and soul. This application-focused beginner’s handbook explores basic reiki techniques, and teaches you how to heal over 100 common emotional and physical ailments with reiki. Through clear, step-by-step instructions—fully illustrated—this practical guide is the perfect companion for new reiki practitioners who learn by doing.

From aches and pains to abundance and prosperity, reiki places the power to heal in your hands. Learn how to use reiki to heal yourself and others with:
  • Remedies for 100+ ailments that provide clear instruction for treating physical and mental afflictions with reiki
  • Basic reiki techniques that offer simple, step-by-step guidance on hand positions for reiki healing
  • An essential introduction that teaches you fundamental information on the history and principles of reiki

Take a hands-on approach to healing with over 100 remedies from Reiki Healing for Beginners.
Karen Frazier is an ordained metaphysical minister, intuitive energy healer, and Usui Reiki practitioner. She holds bachelors and masters degrees in metaphysical science and a PhD in metaphysical parapsychology.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641521154
ISBN-10: 1641521155
Publisher: Althea Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2018
Pages: 240
Language: English
"Reiki is a powerful, energetic healing technique that can truly change your life as both a practitioner and recipient. Karen Frazier's expertise is carefully crafted within this text to help give you (the reader) the tools you need to use the power of Reiki to its fullest potential."—Tristan David Luciotti, Founder and Executive Director, Vision8Studio

"Karen is a wealth of information and a fabulous instructor and author. The most important thing I've learned from Karen is... it's ok. Whatever it is, it's ok. I love Karen and her teachings, and this book offers the best of what she has to share."—Traci Grieve, Reiki Student

"Karen has that one prerequisite needed in order to practice Reiki: the pure, heartfelt desire to establish soulful connections and healing that give way to positive, life-changing moments. Well-written and meticulously researched, Reiki Healing for Beginners gives you the tools to get started with and become attuned to Reiki so positive healing can infiltrate every core of your existence."—Nicole Strickland, Paranormal Researcher, Author, and Lecturer

"I was excited to see what new information I could learn from Reiki Healing for Beginners. I was not disappointed. I was especially grateful for the Reiki 'prescriptions' for specific issues. This book isn't just for beginners. It should be on the bookshelf of every Reiki practitioner."—Kathleen Marshall, Reiki Master Teacher