Love is Patient, Love is Kind: A Christian Marriage Devotional: Rebuild, Reconnect, and Grow in Christ (Paperback)

Love is Patient, Love is Kind: A Christian Marriage Devotional: Rebuild, Reconnect, and Grow in Christ By April Jacob, Aaron Jacob Cover Image

Love is Patient, Love is Kind: A Christian Marriage Devotional: Rebuild, Reconnect, and Grow in Christ (Paperback)


Your faith can heal your marriage.

In marriage and in life, there are times that test our strength and commitment to ourselves, our partners and our faith. Know this—you can overcome any obstacle when you turn to the true source of healing. This marriage devotional reminds you of the promises you made to each other and God on your wedding day—and shows you how live these promises.

April and Aaron Jacob’s marriage devotional invites you and your spouse to take time each week to deepen your connection to each other and Christ. With compassionate guidance from the scriptures, you’ll find resolution to tough issues and build a strong marriage with Christ at the center.

In this marriage devotional, you’ll find:
  • 52 weekly devotionals— Reconnect with your spouse using quotes from the scriptures, questions for guided discussions, and weekly exercises.
  • Scripture in real life—Tackle trouble like trust, forgiveness, money, communication and all the travails of daily life with God’s words to guide you.
  • Rebuild and restart—Re-commit to growing your faith and the bonds of your relationship with each marriage devotional.

“Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail.”—Corinthians 13:7. Rediscover the unwavering power of love and faith with this marriage devotional.
AARON AND APRIL JACOB believe that marriage is ordained of God, and that He has all the answers to creating “happily ever after.” Together, they founded a website ( dedicated to offering practical advice to help strengthen marriages and families everywhere. As the parents of three rambunctious little boys, they enjoy family time, college football, long drives, yummy food, and romantic getaways.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641523004
ISBN-10: 164152300X
Publisher: Althea Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2019
Pages: 180
Language: English
"Each devotion in this book provides couples with the perfect opportunity to pause their everyday lives and connect on a spiritual level. Every marriage could benefit from adding this book to their weekly routine."—Amberly Lambertsen, Family Life Educator, A Prioritized Marriage

"A valuable resource for husbands and wives who want to intentionally make time each week to spiritually invest in their relationship, Love is Patient, Love is Kind is the perfect devotional to get couples on the path to making it a lifelong habit of studying God’s Word together, challenging each other and having open and honest communication."—Matthew & Jaclyn Glaze, Owners of Union28 Marriage Apparel

"These devotions are dynamite—short, sweet and to the point, but very powerful! Discussing and applying the compelling principles taught in this book will help couples create a more connected and intimate marital relationship—emotionally, spiritually and even sexually!"—Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE,

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind gives you the opportunity to step back and reflect; to be a student within your life and marriage, and ask yourself the questions that can foster ideas to help you and your spouse progress forward as the couple and individuals God intends you to be. This weekly devotional sheds light on the aspects of marriage that we sometimes overlook—by extending the chance to show your faith by your works."—Courtney Webb, QVC Program Host

"If you've ever wanted to be in a great marriage, this book is for you. In Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Aaron and April have taken the aspirational principles taught by Jesus, and made them so applicable that any thoughtful reader (or couple!) will find the secret to healing, connection, and true love on every page."—Lizzy Jensen, Founder of The Small Seed

"The nurturing words and encouragement from Aaron and April verify that marriage should be an uplifting, life-giving source of love—especially during the hard times. Communication is important, but mutual respect is key. Without it, communication can be detrimental. This study guides us through inevitable bumps and hardships that couples endure, encouraging us to push past the natural desire to battle, and communicate in a loving and respectful way. The Jacobs show us how nurturing our marriages can change our lives, and how to do it together."—Melissa Tutterrow, @functionalfarmhouse