The Favorite (Paperback)

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The Favorite (Paperback)


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What if you were forced to admit you had a favorite child?

Grant and Kathryn Taldo had everything they could ever want: a beautiful home, steady jobs, and two beautiful children. But when Grant's job seeking renewable energy sources relocates him to Arkansas, he stumbles upon a mysterious house that elicits strange readings. During a routine test to determine if the energy source is viable, Grant's machine explodes and the Taldo family's dream life quickly unravels into a nightmare.

Jackson, their ten-year old, begins experiencing violent nosebleeds while Keller, their chronically ill two-year old, begins to feel inexplicably better. Suspecting a connection of some kind, they seek answers from a man whose child died from similar symptoms, but the truth he reveals is unimaginably sinister. The children are indeed linked and now the parents are faced with a devastating choice.

With the older son's rapidly deteriorating health and the younger child's miraculous healing, do they keep the family together and risk Jackson's life or separate the siblings and lose Keller? How can they possibly choose The Favorite?

Product Details ISBN: 9781644506806
ISBN-10: 1644506807
Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc.
Publication Date: November 27th, 2022
Pages: 422
Language: English